Hey there! I’m Nina and I’m a Certified Holistic Health Coach. I help women transform their lives by teaching them how to let go of restrictions through building healthy, sustainable habits. I started my coaching journey towards the end of 2022, but my personal health & wellness journey began in 2016.

A little bit more about me…

My interest in health & fitness started off with working out, and eventually I got into dieting. I tried every diet and workout you could think of, but something I noticed on my personal journey was that every “solution” was really a restriction. It framed my way of thinking and I ended up believing that in order to reach my goals, I had to restrict myself. I became so rigid with my training and eating habits. It worked for a while, but the happiness I thought I would get (from achieving my goal this way) was missing. I never felt satisfied, and felt alone.

After the pandemic hit and we all spent a lot of time at home, I was able to really reflect on my journey and thought about the changes I needed to make to truly feel my best. It was last year that I came across a Health Coaching program, and I took the leap.

Working with a Health Coach was the first time I felt like I addressed what was actually holding me back from reaching my goals. After 6 months, my mindset shifted and I had a new understanding of what it meant to feel my best. Fitness was more than how I trained and what I ate. I learned to dig deep, stay dedicated and got the support that I had been missing.

The most important thing I’ve learned is that the journey is NEVER linear. I’m not perfect and still have room to grow, but I’ve learned to adapt when setbacks happen– and I make sure to get right back on it when I can. The biggest thing I’ve gained from my personal journey is finding more consistency and stability that has spread through all aspects of my life.

My journey in the past few years led me to my vision of making the same difference in other people’s lives. I want to create transformation for others and grow alongside them as I take this step forward into a career of coaching and being a mentor. I hope that anyone feeling unsure on where to start or needing some extra support sees themselves in my journey, and feels encouraged to take the first step in theirs!